Technical Staffing

In technology staffing, there are “body shops”, firms that get by pushing as many resumes and filling as many seats as possible, without regard for quality or longevity. If an employee doesn’t work out, there’s another resume waiting.

Savvy Data Solutions approaches technology staffing differently, with a focus on placing the best candidate and giving them the support and respect that ensures long-term retention. Our Staffing Services practice has been dedicated to “Providing the Right Talent at the Right Time” for our clients. We do this by partnering with our clients to not only understand the job requirements, but also to understand the business culture. Then we identify and place the top candidate on the job. No switching. Our success in Staffing Services is largely the result of two factors. First, there is the strength of our account managers and our recruiters, who are experts at looking deeper to find truly exceptional talent and matching those individuals with jobs.

This approach depends heavily on relationships, and our clients and our employees will attest to the difference a strong partnership makes. The second key to our success is the way we treat employees, which is different from most other technology staffing companies. We offer flexible employment options, we treat our hires as respected and valued employees, and in turn they are more productive, more stable, and more reliable. It’s good for them, good for us, and good for you.