Project Manager

As a project manager, I involve in 3 major areas, technical impactor, leadership over the deliverables, and strategy and business management.


Following are the detailed description of current duties


  • Developed a comprehensive project plan with coordination of business, technology stakeholders and technical personnel during all project phases, from initial development through implementation
  • Responsible for internal and external recourse planning and timesheet approval process.
  • Primary responsible for vendor selection, vendor management and work with sourcing team to complete vendor onboarding process.
  • Responsible for project budget approval process and following up on the invoices to complete payments on time.
  • Full control on the SharePoint site and make sure all the documentation available for the audit purpose.   
  • Accountable for information security policy exception management process and getting approvals with the involvement of system owners.
  • Engraining EIS risk assessment professional and analyzing the threats and vulnerability at a facility, determining the potential for losses, and identifying cost-effective corrective measures and residual risk.
  • Working with development team and make sure the environment built and ready before stating of SIT and UAT phase.
  • Work with testing team and make sure the SIT test plan and test scenarios reviewed with the project team and successfully execute the testing.
  • Involved in implementation activities and prepared detailed level migration task list to make sure all the necessary team individuals are captured during the implication.  
  • Coordinate and lead the go-no -go decision meetings and document the process.
  • Tracking project status and make sure deliverables are completed within the timeline. Identifying and documenting the project Risk, Issues, and dependencies to ensure the mitigation analysis.
  • Monitoring overall project and reporting project health status to business stakeholders. Full control of project quality and make sure successfully exiting the project execution phase.
  • Leading the governance meeting documenting the key sessions.
Qualification: Minimum Bachelors Degree in Computer Science or Related Engineering field.

Job Overview

  • Date Posted 24 March, 2019
  • Location Mesa, AZ
  • Job Title Project Manager
  • Job ID SD0208
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